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Behind The Lens: J DaVon


What time of day do you feel the most creative?

Early in the morning, or just after a workout. I think its a combo of being rested in the morning and feeling accomplished after a workout.

Are there any skills you are trying to learn/improve to perfect your craft?

I'm working on engineering, beyond the small things like removing the empty space on vocal tracks or layering takes. I want to learn to make the task of mixing/mastering easier for my engineers.

What are your opinions on guns in America?

I like the sharp turn in the direction of the questions. I'll answer by saying I have my CCW or concealed carry permit so yes I do support expressing our second amendment right but I also don't think America does a good job, or any job at all on who can obtain a firearm.

Should we be helping Ukraine, and if so how?

America has people here that need help, the conflict in Ukraine is tragic but NYC has a median rent average of $4K a month, people have hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt, as a country we're still recovering from a pandemic, loss of jobs etc. Take care of the home front first.

Name a song that has changed your life?

4,3,2,1 LL Cool J, DMX, Meth & Red and Cannibus. That song changed my life and made me want to write rhymes as a kid watching music videos.

Would you rather be poolside, on a boat, or at the beach?

Beach without a second thought, sun, sand and clear waters.

What dish are you bringing to the cookout?

If I'm not the one on the grill at the cookout, I'm the store run guy because we probably need more drinks anyway lol.

What drink are you bringing to the cookout?

Most likely some champagne or tequila, probably both.

Are there any videographers, directors, or cinematographers you would like to work with?

I want to keep working with my guys ArtIZLife TV (yh_artizlife) and Cinema Jay (@cinema_saitama)

What is a catchphrase or motto of yours and where can people connect with you?

"The Grind Never Stops" and my IG is @iamjdavon

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