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Behind The Lens: Ju$$-B


What’s one thing the next generation needs to know?

They'll need to know that in order for you to grow you have to surround yourself around it. Meaning if you have goals and dreams and the people you currently associate with don't see what you see remove yourself. Nothing personal, just you have set goals for yourself that you should have supported by like minded people so don't be afraid of change and the unknown.

What would you want AI (Artificial Intelligence) to do for you?

Run my social media! I have a big introverted extrovert type of personality. People gravitate to my vibe and as long as your vibe matches mine then we click but I definitely would prefer to lock myself in the studio! lol

How would you describe the sound for this decade?

Pop show! It doesn't feel like ok they make dope music they are going to pop anymore. Now it feels like more of a popularity contest and less about the essence of creating timeless music that'll move your soul. It's no real feelings in it, But that's just my opinion, feel free to agree or disagree.

Which producer, artist, or visual designer is catching your attention and you would like to work with?

It was Tory Lanez but my boy is locked up now. So now that I have to pivot I'm going with my boy Chris Brown and Busta Rhymes! These two are like my spirit animals! I just know that studio session would be one of those legendary ones! That experience alone would make my day .

Pick one and why: Restaurant, Diner, or Homemade

Homemade!!! That's not even a question!! My Little Panamanian gets bizzy in the kitchen. I need that meal made with love at all times!

What spot do you love to eat at in your city?

Don't really have one, but if I did I would have to go with Ricardo's in HarIem, NY. The Lobster Ravioli is amazing, everything is good on the menu but that is just my top favorite meal in there.

What does Pride mean to you?

Pride to me? When it comes to my music, it's really just standing on what I believe in and staying true to myself while learning new things from others.

What does Juneteenth mean to you?

Juneteenth should be longer but we are not going to speak on that right now! So I'm a leave that there and also say we've came a long way but still have room for improvement.

Describe the people from your inner circle.

Pure! Authentic! Trustworthy! Responsible! Support System! Motivational speaker! Tuff love givers! Man, I could go on for days. To sum it up though without them I wouldn't be where I am today I could tell you that much.

Are you ready for summer? Any upcoming heat for fans, and where can people connect with you?

Is the summer ready for me?! STuviews and Pink Stuviews EP's out with Hit single Zoovie on the Blue Version. Prada Me Out visual dropping August 12th. Get Me Started Out with visual feat Lucky Banks, Cio Leray's official dancer, followed by a remix visual of Chris Brown's Possessive track. JU$$-B is ready to show the world that they shouldn't have waited this long to let timeless music back into the game.

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