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Behind The Lens: LilB5


Do you have a new year's resolution? If so, what is it?

For the new year I plan on working harder to perfect my craft and gain a buzz off my music. Starting with 2 new projects dropping at the beginning of the year.

What is your greatest accomplishment thus far?

I would say my greatest accomplishment music wise is the consistency I’ve had so far with releasing my music.

What’s the first song you play which reminds you of heartbreak?

SZA's Snooze. When the song came out I had a girlfriend who played it a lot so when we broke up it reminded me of her.

What’s the first song you play which reminds you of love?

SZA's Snooze. Same song but it reminds me how in-love I was when it was released.

Describe the perfect first date?

I can’t really answer dis one, but I guess somewhere that we can eat at.

Are you going to vote this presidential election year?

Nah I’m 17.

Have you ever been hacked by a phishing email, had your identity stolen, or been a victim of digital fraud?


Are you the type to get to work early or stay late?

I be late everywhere I go.

What does success mean to you?

Being able to provide for you and your family.

Where do you want to perform next and where can people connect with you at?

Since I haven’t performed yet Im not picky, but the people can get at me on Instagram @_lilb5_

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