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Behind The Lens: Major D Star (Part Deux)


What time of day do you feel the most creative?

When the stars come out!

Are there any skills you are trying to learn/improve to perfect your craft?

Everyday I'm working on perfecting my craft.

What are your opinions on guns in America?

I think there should definitely be some type of preventive measures but at the same time you gotta protect yourself.

Should we be helping Ukraine, and if so how?

Maybe so, but I don't get too much into politics so I wouldn't know.

Name a song that has changed your life?

Hypnotize by Biggie changed my life. First song to ever inspire me.

Would you rather be poolside, on a boat, or at the beach?

I'd rather be poolside because I do like being on a yacht but I don't f*ck with the ocean (laughing) and I do like going to the beach but I don't f*ck with the ocean (laughing).

What dish are you bringing to the cookout?

Some of my homemade spaghetti.

What drink are you bringing to the cookout?

I'm bringing my wine everywhere everytime (laughing). One day I'ma have my own!

Are there any videographers, directors, or cinematographers you would like to work with?

I just worked with a videographer I was looking forward to working with for my new single in Atlanta, "Cinematic B". Be on the lookout for that to drop this month! "What You Want".

What is a catchphrase or motto of yours and where can people connect with you?

I have so many of them. But one I could leave you all with is, "If you stay ready, you won't have to get ready!" Follow me on all socials @majordstar and if you support me grab some of the new merch at

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