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Godsmack’s Iconic Album "Awake" Now Available On Remastered Double LP Vinyl

Written By: Big C


Godsmack has just released their seminal sophomore album Awake on remastered double LP vinyl for the first time ever. Originally launched in 2000, "Awake" solidified Godsmack's place in the rock pantheon with fan-favorite tracks like Bad Magick, "Awake," and Greed. This album marked a significant milestone in their career, earning them their first Billboard #1 hit with the title track and their first Grammy nomination for Vampires. Alongside the standard 2LP black vinyl, a limited-edition green vinyl with a special etched side was also released, though it sold out during the presale. However, fans can still grab the newly remastered 2LP black vinyl to experience this classic album in a fresh, high-fidelity format. Reflecting on the release, Sully Erna, lead vocalist and guitarist, remarked:

Revisiting "Awake" and presenting it in this new format has been an incredible journey. This album holds a special place in our hearts and our fans’ hearts, and we're thrilled to give it new life with this remaster.

The remastered vinyl reissue was made possible through the collaborative efforts of Republic/Universal Music. As fans eagerly anticipate Godsmack’s next move, the band continues to celebrate over two decades of chart-topping success and influential rock music. Upcoming events and potential new releases are on the horizon, so stay tuned. Order the remastered "Awake" vinyl here and relive the powerful sounds of this iconic album below. Connect with Godsmack on YOUTUBE, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, and X.

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