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Behind The Lens: Micaela Elizabeth

Photo Credits: Sassy Mouth Photography
What is your story? Tell us a little about yourself. 

My name is Micaela, I’m 24 years old and living my absolute best life! I come from a line of artists and creative minds. I was raised down south in Georgia and moved to Connecticut in my teens where I started my modeling journey. I hope to one day make my modeling a full time job, but for now I’ll be bartending. I grew up in the restaurant industry and for most it’s an industry that is not easy to leave. However, I’m making it my mission to get the heck out of it!  My hobbies include singing, photography (in front of and behind the camera), video games, and much more! I have a love for nature like no other, since I was little I have always been playing in the mud and I don’t think that will ever stop! 

What inspired you to become a model?  What continues to inspire you today?               

My inspiration to become a model came from when I saw my cousin Marisa Balletti-Lavoie in her first magazine as a model. She has been and will always be my biggest inspiration. There is not a time that she is not working, teaching, or learning more about photography. Her daily commitment to the grind never stops as she is a Master of Photography, Master Artist, and Craftsman Photographer. She is the definition of started from the bottom. Her work never fails to take my breath away, and she will always be my favorite photographer to work with. Her skill to make any model feel absolutely comfortable and empowered just astounds me. I always leave her studio feeling so confident and sexy! She is absolutely the one I have to thank for everything I know about modeling. I went from seeing Marisa’s own photos in magazines to being a model for her photography business. I’m absolutely so grateful I get to work with a photography genius!

Photo Credits: Sassy Mouth Photography
Which shoot was most memorable to you?  Which shoot was the worst?  Why?       

My most memorable shoot would have to be one of my recent shoots with SassyMouth Photo, as it was a group shoot with 2 other beautiful women. I absolutely love empowering other woman! I feel as though no matter how many times a man tells you that you look good.. it so much better coming from a woman. As for one of my worst shoots, I would have to say this one time I did a nature boudoir shoot… I got poison ivy in places you do not want to imagine! I guess that’s just some of the risks you take with outside photography! 

Who and what brands in the modeling industry would you like to work with?                

As someone who works close with motorcycles as I am a promotional model for The Haymond Lawfirm, I would love the opportunity to work with any motorcycle based brands. I find that community to be so welcoming and supportive, not to mention my love for leather clothes. I absolutely love working with local brands, but my dream partnership would have to be with Harley Davidson. Harley has a special place in my heart as my grandfather has ridden one my whole life, my twin brother and I now own the vintage bike we grew up drooling over. However, I always have an open mind with new opportunities. I am always willing to step out of my comfort zone and try new things!

Photo Credits: Sassy Mouth Photography
What advice would you give to those struggling with self-worth issues?                         

As someone who has struggled with self worth issues and still continues to have moments of weakness, I would have to say love yourself a little more. We will always be our biggest enemy, it’s human nature. The only person at the end of the day who’s got you, is you. Be kind to yourself, learn more about yourself and what truly makes you happy. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and do something for yourself that you have never done before. Self love is one of the biggest things I preach. If you cannot love yourself then who will be able to? I find myself going out of my way to pamper myself when I have moments of weakness with my self-worth. Making myself one of my favorite meals, buying myself a gift, or drawing myself a bath with my favorite bath products are just a few examples of what I do to give myself that little bit of love I was lacking. Be kind to yourself, you’re worth it. 

What is your greatest attribute in front of the camera? 

I believe my greatest attribute in front of the camera would be my smile, or eyes. I find myself really liking any picture that showcases either more than other pictures. I have greenish/blue eyes that change color according to what I am wearing. I also mentioned my smile because it’s always a genuine smile due to me absolutely loving what I do. I also have dimples, so I’ll consider that a plus! This question was a hard one as I find myself being my own biggest critic, I really had to stop and think for a second. 

Photo Credits: Sassy Mouth Photography
What is your greatest attribute when nobody is watching?  As in, when nobody’s looking, how do you act?

I act the exact same way when nobody is watching, just as myself! If you can’t be yourself, then who are you? I am a huge believer in what goes around, comes around so I would never want to do something I wouldn’t want done to me. I think staying true to yourself is such an important life lesson, this life is too short to act like somebody you’re not. There’s always someone watching, even if it’s the big guy upstairs. I try to push good energy out and look at the bright side of every situation because no matter what there is always someone in a worse situation than you. I am so grateful for the life I get to live.

If you weren’t modeling, what would you be doing?

If I wasn’t modeling, I would probably be on the other side of the camera still involved in the industry. This has been a passion of mine since I was young. I have always had an interest in photography and videography... The truth is when I am not modeling that’s exactly what I am doing! I have learned so much in front of the camera that it truly helps me with being behind it! I find photography a beautiful form of artwork. Just being able to capture a moment of time in one click of a button is an amazing thing. 

Photo Credits: Sassy Mouth Photography
What makes you unique or different from other models? 

As someone who works with and next to other models weekly, I think something that is unique to me is the fact that I honestly enjoy meeting new people and hearing different life stories. One of my modeling jobs includes doing promotional work on site. Our job is quite literally to hand out marketing items and look good while doing it! My favorite part of this job is being able to meet new people and learn about them. I truly find joy in hearing about other peoples lives and stories. I have learned so many life skills from strangers I have never met before! Those strangers have turned into life long friends from me just simply asking how a person is doing that day. This world is full of different walks of life. You really get to put your life in perspective after hearing of others. 

What sorts of volunteer work do you involve yourself with?  As a model, what social cause(s) do you stand for? 

I personally have a love for animals. I wish I could save every single animal on this planet from the bad in the world. I volunteer with Wings of Freedom Animal Rescue and Change a Life Dog Rescue. Both located in Connecticut, both amazing organizations. These rescues work hand and hand together to save all the dogs we can! A lot of the dogs come from puppy mills and shelters located in the south that we get driven from our volunteers up here to Connecticut. We have foster homes that are eager to take in these puppies and find them their forever homes. Unfortunately I cannot foster where I currently live but that’s why I do my best to help and support by volunteering at sports games to raise money for the puppies!! I would volunteer all my time for these rescues if I could! 

What do you have going on next and where can people connect with you?

My season with The Haymond Lawfirm is beginning very shortly! I will be at motorcycle shows and events weekly. We are proud sponsors of many events across New England. I post every event I have on my Instagram @micaelaxoxo19 and my Facebook page named Haymond Girl Micaela. I’m looking for another great season! 

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