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Behind The Lens: Miss DJ Dee


Is being a DJ your main business or do you have another profession/career?  

In addition to my role as a DJ, I hold the position of Business Systems Analyst III at a federal contract company. Furthermore, I'm the proud owner of a van rental transportation company, which I established in 2022. 

How long have you been DJing? 

In 2016, I embarked on my journey as a DJ, initially diving into the craft through YouTube tutorials to grasp the basics. It wasn't long before a friend, who happened to be an experienced DJ, took me under his wing, imparting invaluable lessons in beat matching and navigating diverse musical genres. A pivotal moment arose when DJ Dave Jordan extended an invitation for me to showcase my skills on the radio, providing me with a platform to hone my craft outside of event performances. This opportunity not only bolstered my confidence but also fueled my passion for DJing, setting me on a path of continuous growth and exploration in the world of music.  

What kind of music do you play?

My musical tastes span a wide spectrum, but there are a few genres that truly resonate with me. Southern Soul music holds a special place in my heart, its soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics captivating me every time. Additionally, I'm a devoted follower of 90's and early 2000's rap and hip-hop, drawn to its raw energy and storytelling prowess. Reggae also speaks to me, with its infectious rhythms and positive vibes. As a DJ for IGRMIAMI, I'm fortunate to have the creative freedom to curate sets that reflect my eclectic tastes, allowing me to share my passion for music in the most authentic and dynamic way possible.


How do you get the crowd engaged, energized, and in the party spirit?

As a seasoned DJ, I always come prepared with a keen understanding of the occasion I'm playing for. I kick things off with what I like to call the Intro vibe music, setting the perfect atmosphere for guests as they arrive. With a mix of popular hits guaranteed to get everyone on their feet, I also keep an eye out for those who may prefer to stay seated, tailoring the playlist to appeal to diverse tastes. My goal is to create an inclusive and energetic atmosphere that keeps the party going strong all night long.

Do you take song requests when you play parties/events? 

While I used to take song requests liberally, I've come to realize through experience that it can sometimes disrupt the flow of the party. Now, I'm more selective, considering the overall vibe and timing of the event before accommodating requests. I prioritize keeping the dance floor lively and won't play anything that might clear it, ensuring that everyone can continue to enjoy the music together.

Where or what type of events do you normally play at?

Typically, you will find me spinning tunes at a variety of events, ranging from corporate gatherings and weddings to receptions. I also frequent club parties and college university functions, adding my signature sound to the mix. Additionally, DJ Dave Jordan has given me the opportunity to host my own weekly show on IGRMIAMI titled The Audacity Mix. 

DJs were the creators and inspiration for breaking new records, has this changed in your opinion?  

DJs used to serve as tastemakers, introducing audiences to fresh sounds and emerging artists through their performances and radio shows. With the rise of digital music platforms and social media, DJs have a greater reach than ever, however, bigger platforms such as major radio stations play only certain artists. Even as a DJ streaming a live mix on well-known platforms, our mixes will quickly get canceled.  

In your opinion, what is the most important thing to be a good DJ?

In my view, the cornerstone of being a good DJ lies in a genuine love for the music you play. While technical skills like beat matching and scratching are important, they pale in comparison to the significance of music selection. In 2023, I had the opportunity to showcase my skills in the competitive Master of the Mix competition hosted by IGRMIAMI. While my fellow DJs displayed superior technical abilities, I distinguished myself with my exceptional music selection which ultimately awarded me the Master of the Mix champion.

What would you say is the most rewarding part of being a DJ?  

The ultimate reward of being a DJ is being able to watch the infectious energy that fills the room as people move and dance to the songs I select. It's a great feeling to see the crowd lose themselves in the music, their joy and excitement reflecting back at me as I guide them through a musical journey. This connection made on the dance floor is what fuels my passion and drives me to continually to be a better DJ.

Do you have any DJ's that you are inspired by? 

Absolutely. The DJ that I am truly inspired by is DJ Dave Jordan. I feel he can mix/blend anything and his mixes are always flawless. Also, DJ Dave Jordan does not mind sharing knowledge.  In addition, he created a platform for us to do what we love, while giving artists an opportunity to have their music played and heard around the world. 

FB: @missdjdee

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