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Behind The Lens: Qua Hunned


What are you leaving behind in 2022?

One thing I'm leaving behind is Tolerance. It's big and cool to have a heart but sometimes that can get you taken advantage of.

Who is your biggest celebrity crush (career or personality)?

I really don't have a celebrity crush, but if you asked me one person I can maybe look up to is myself, my mother, and family.

Did you grow up playing game nights, movie nights, Sunday dinner or music in or around your household?

I grew up in a country style so there was always music around, but there was never too much hip hop, old school and RnB mostly.

What made you choose the music industry versus a nine to five?

I chose neither the nine the five lifestyle nor the music industry. I say life works in mysterious ways.

Describe your fans in one word and explain.

Real and loving. Always keep it Real.

What's your most quotable lyric?

It's hard for me to choose my most quotable lyric, I'll leave that to the fans.

What has been your worst experience in the music industry?

I don't consider myself in the music industry. I'm more of an influence/ Business Mogul.

Do you think you need more copyrights to your music or should it be free for sampling?

Yes, Ima need a whooole lot more copywriting.

What is missing from the arts in your hometown/city?


What project do you have out right now that potential fans should listen to and where can people connect with you?

I have a brand new single out now called "3AM". It's exclusively out everywhere and being distributed by Authentic Empire ~ Hunned

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