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Behind The Lens: Singa Bromfield


What’s the origin behind your name? Where are you from? My birth name is pronounced (Ner-sing-a) it comes from the Hare Krsna religion and it means Half Man, Half lion. I’m from Memphis TN What moment in hip hop has stood out to you the most? Working with Dame Dash, learning about Rocafella Records and being apart of BluRoc Records has possibly been the biggest moment in Hip Hop from me. With Dame Dash coining the term “Culture Vultures” and how the industry and society is based off of OUR culture and heritage.

If you weren’t doing hip hop what would you be doing ? If I weren’t doing hip hop or music in general, I probably wouldn’t be alive right now to be honest. This music thing is life or death for me. (Not the making money part) because in the eyes of many people around the world, I am already a well successful artist. But in my own eyes I still haven’t reached the mass of the people! And that is my ultimate goal with this music thang. If you could work with anyone in the industry who would it be?

I’d work with Jay Z. Just like Kanye and myself, we both respect and appreciate what Dame does and what he brings to the table, but the business moves that Jay make are more in the direction where I am.

What is your creative process? Do you write or freestyle your rhymes? I do all the above. Because I ain't just no regular rapper, and I actually have talents and skills that I’ve mastered within theory, music production, instrumentation, and so many other avenues other than jumping on the mic rapping. So sometimes as I am engineering the beat a melody may come to me. Or as I am listening to the “final version” of the song, I might erase what I have previously recorded, and free style the essence, emotion, and feeling of what the song was missing.

What do you have going on right now? (Merch, Music, Events, Collabs, etc)

Well I just release my new single and music video to All I Got and since the release I’ve been gearing into this 3rd quarter, Finishing up my upcoming album Yellow Caution Tape 3. I am also finalizing a film about my life and career. Yes we have merch!! You can follow me and my team on IG @Singabromfield and @TREslowdown to view new products and inquire merchandise. We have a few HUGE productions in play right now but we’re waiting on legalities before announcing the deal.

What’s one thing you wish someone told you about the music industry which would have drastically changed your career? Most of everyone in the industry are Scammers. Know the business, and the most important information would be to get your money first!!

Superhero or Villain? I choose “Villains” because they are usually labeled as bad guys by the of government and the pigs (which are the true Villains). And I don’t trust either of them one bit.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Well with the shift of the music industry’s new streaming methods that the industry are issuing in, this digital currency becoming the norm, and technology continuing to flourish, I plan on being in the “space” of successful business men like the Jay Z’s (Roc Nation, TIDAL, etc) and the Diddy’s, (Revolt, Bad Boy, etc) where my empire and business (TRE Productions LLC) will blossom more beyond what you see based on our determination and current state of hustle.

Where can people connect with you at?

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