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Behind The Lens: Stewart Arp


What is your favorite record from the ’90s and why?

Third Eye Blind’s self-titled record. My dad used to blast this album on repeat and I just remember how excited it made me. Then I watched Third Eye Blind play on Guitar Center Sessions, and I fell in love with the band. They are still a huge inspiration to me and the songwriting on the album is absolutely incredible!

If you could produce the soundtrack to a movie, which genre or movie would you choose?

I think Hazel and the rest of the music I released in 2021 would be a really great fit for A24 Art Films. The songwriting is relatively boutique and ethereal, and the production is cinematic. Would be great for both cutscenes and montage shots.

How would you describe your hometown sound?

Considering I grew up in the middle of nowhere surrounded by cornfields, indie music isn’t necessarily the drink of choice where I am from! However, I credit my hometown for my writing style, ability to use abstract metaphors, and the un-scratchable creative itch I inherited.

When you feel discouraged, what keeps you motivated?

The thirteen-year-old kid that dreamed of doing what I am doing and how pure my love for music was at that time. Deep down, I know he would be so excited to see where I am and what I am doing with my life. That keeps me going.

Do you play or watch any sports or video games?

Hell yes. I am a HUGE Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks, Cubs, and Illini fan. I also play madden and 2k.

What is your favorite motivational lyric or life quote?

If music be the food of love, play on - Shakespeare

If you made a song for the year 3000, what do you think would be different about it?

Cue the Jonas Brothers song… haha but seriously I think everything will be completely different. The way people listen to music, the way people perform it, and what it is performed on. However, people will still listen to the Beatles and timeless music will remain timeless. So I wouldn’t change a thing.

Who are you looking to collaborate with next?

I am looking to feature a female vocalist on a duet next. I have something cooking already, so stay tuned.

Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter?

Fall! Football, bonfires, s’mores, jackets/sweaters. Love it!

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