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Behind The Lens: TellyVision (Part Deux)


Do You Participate In Sport Betting? Did You Make Money Off The Super Bowl?

I never took the time to see if I like it or not, but it’s something I look forward to doing in the near future. I seen a lot of people make money in it and its so many ways to not lose all of your money in one go. You just gotta play it smart.

What Sport Do You Like The Most & Who Is Your Favorite Team/Player?

It used to be football. I watched it as much as I could with my father, used to watch the Minnesota Vikings when they had Randy Moss and Dante Caulpepper. If we were watching NCAA, my favorite team was Ohio State. I love rivalry games. It’s just more competition. Later on when I got older and I went to go see my cousin play basketball I learned to love the game. I would say my favorite team is Boston Celtics but my favorite player is LEBRON JAMES so wherever he goes, I’ll be hoping they go to the finals.

Is Your Music Generally About One Person, Yourself, or Relatable? What Perspective Do You Write In (1st or 3rd Person)?

Nah my music is my real response to real situations that happened and it’s a lot of people I’m responding to. Everybody wanted me to always be quiet or shut up, but the person I’m having the conflict with gets to keep going. I forgive, but I never forget. And it’ll always be like that. Lol it’s like if you know, you know. So I guess you can say it’s relatable in a way.

Does your artistry come from heartbreak or quest for love?

Definitely heartbreak. People love to hear about someone’s downfall either because they can relate, or they use it against you. And it’s easier to reflect from hindsight because you connect all the dots and then before you know it, I’m gonna say something about it in a way you can’t hit back. Or you could try to hit back…. Not the smartest move, but I can appreciate the bravery.

What’s Your Most Favorite Article Of Clothing/Accessories/or Electronic Which You Own?

I got my ray bans, I don’t like doing anything without any sunglasses, and no matter what, I have a chain or a lot of jewelry on, im more of a gold guy, rope chains and gold teeth, but don’t take me as those tacky dudes who wear everything gold, or like wears gold in clothing like overdoing it, y’all know what I mean lol. I’ll get some diamond earrings and diamond teeth too but I also wanna have other gems as grills too. I like grills ever since I was a youngin. I want my grill permanent tho because I wanna wake up n jus wanna smile just because lol.

Which Brand Fits Your Artistry (Clothing, Beverage, Automotive, Luxury)

Anything I can do to expand my creativity, I’m a student to all who are willing to teach. I’m interested in MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME, never know what roads you might have to cross or opportunities that present themselves to where you can now participate.

If You Could Tell Your 15 Year Old Self Something What Would It Be?

Keep the energy you got. You can have anything in this world. All the pain you went through in your life will definitely pay off, but I will say, you have to die before you get this golden ticket Charlie, hold your head and think about your kids, and take care of yourself, the road less traveled is one you are gonna have to make your bed in. But don’t ever give up and don’t ever stop. Get yours.

Do You See World War 3 In The Near Future?

I’m not wishing for one but you never know. If you look at the first two, America never wanted to get involved, we got pulled in because our people got hit in the meantime and we shut it down every world war. I can’t speak for other countries but If I had a say in anything, I would tell them to look at the ones who tried it and look at what happened. And that’s as blunt as it gets lol.

Who Are Your Top Five Favorite Artists?

Tupac, Eazy, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, Drake. And if you’re a rapper, I feel like pac or biggie have to be your number 1 otherwise I can’t take you seriously. Gotta pay respects to the greats.

What Something You’re Willing Or Already Given Up For The Music Industry & Where Can People Connect With You At?

You can find me more active on Instagram all of my music is on all platforms. But for this music industry, I’ve given up a lot of things, but I gave up raising my kids and watching them grow and mature, missed holidays and birthdays as well. I missed out on a lot but I got everything I ever dreamed of since I was 9 years old. And I’m proud of myself, I know they are too. I do this for them. Vision.

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