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Ben Sollee Shares "Misty Miles"

Written By: Big C


The journey of a thousand miles begin with one step. Renowned Kentucky musician Ben Sollee has released just released the brand new single Misty Miles. Set to drop on August 16th, the highly anticipated first single comes from his upcoming album, Long Haul. This album marks Sollee's first solo release in seven years and showcases his signature blend of diverse influences, including Appalachia, Polynesia, Muscle Shoals Studios, and West Africa. Sollee's unique cello playing and poignant vocals shine through in this new collection, reflecting his journey of overcoming long-COVID and the broader human experience. Sollee shares about his experiences:

In my healing journey from long-COVID, I was reflecting on moments of revery and transcendence in my life. One of those was on a 2013 ‘Ditch the Van’ bicycle tour along the coast of South Carolina. We found ourselves riding through a cathedral of live oaks trees in the low-slung, morning light that strobed through the mossy trees. It was quiet, except for the breeze and hiss rolling wheels. It was a moment I felt at peace… satisfied. It was enough, and yet I continued to strive again and again for more. That’s a mystery to me about myself and human nature.

Sollee has kept busy over the years, despite taking a break from solo projects to focus on family and community work. He has scored films such as LAND directed by Robin Wright, and Maggie Moore(s), a John Slattery film featuring Tina Fey and Jon Hamm, as well as the Peabody-nominated podcast Unreformed. His activism has also flourished, culminating in the launch of Canopy, a non-profit organization supporting Kentucky businesses with positive community and environmental impacts. "Long Haul" encapsulates Sollee's experiences and insights over the past seven years, addressing themes of consumerism, personal loss, and resilience in a deeply personal yet universally relatable manner. Listen to the official audio here and below. Stay connected with Ben Sollee on INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, and FACEBOOK.

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