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Brand New Debut Visual From Mae Muller Called "I Don't Want Your Money"

Photo Credit: Rosaline Shahnavaz

Pop music is getting a new trend of socially aggressive music. Mae Muller has the vocal sex appeal and women dominance of a Mariah Carey. Competing for Mae's attention with lavish gifts is exactly how not to win Mae's heart. In the brand new debut visual I Don't Want Your Money, Mae is found restless at home wanting something more than a financial partner. Separating and shedding light on individuality, Mae says:

I wrote ‘I Don’t Want Your Money’ just under two years ago now, and I’m so happy it’s finally out! I just wanted to show that there are other ways to be treated, rather than just materialistically, especially if you have your own money! I’m financially independent, so you have to find other ways to impress me, I don’t need anything else apart from love and affection. Treat me with respect and we’re GOOD.

Becoming a spokesperson for women equality, Mae continues to bring colorful beauty to the music industry. London has blessed the world with brutal honesty. Stay connected with Mae through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Watch the official social distancing video below. Also download your copy of the single here.

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