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Bullets Fly Near Sexyy Red Video Shoot In Florida, One Dead

Source: TMZ


Sexyy Red's video shoot in Florida turned into a violent scene Thursday ... after an assailant opened fire, killing one person and wounding another.

The rapper was filming the music video with a bunch of extras at Oakland Park Flea Market in the afternoon when somebody pulled a gun nearby and started firing. The suspect then fled.

Two people were struck and one was pronounced dead at the scene. The other was rushed to a local hospital for treatment. Their condition was not known.

Broward County Sheriff's deputies responded and were investigating whether the bloodshed was related to the video shoot.

Videos posted on Instagram show the apparent aftermath of the shooting ... in one clip, you see one victim lying injured on the ground. In the other, people are walking in an orderly fashion through the strip mall.

Sexyy Red is speaking out following the eruption of gun violence near her video shoot ... which she says cops tell her was an unrelated occurrence.

The "SkeeYee" rapper sent her condolences to the man killed Thursday night and thanked on and off-duty officers for securing the scene.

Sexyy says they were also able to finish the shoot at a different location and doesn't want the narrative placed on her going forward.

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