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Busta Rhymes Stopped Vacation To Pitch Album To Pharrell, Timbaland & Swizz

Source: TMZ


Busta Rhymes is revealing how he was able to assemble the hip hop Avengers of producing -- Pharrell, Timbaland, Swizz Beatz -- for his new album ... and the idea for his unbeatable team first came to him on a boat.

The Dungeon Dragon checked in with TMZ Hip Hop just minutes before he hit the stage in Munich for 50 Cent's "Final Lap" tour to discuss "BlockBusta" ... the album he says has him wildin' out like the Bussa Bus of old.

His last album, 2021's "E.L.E. 2," was widely billed as his 10th studio project when it dropped ... a clerical error Busta clarified with us.

He partnered with Google Play's inaugural launch in 2012 to release his "Year Of The Dragon" album for free but says the system wasn't set up to properly track its stats, so he treats it like the "special" project it is.

Regardless, he promises nothing short of fireworks on his new, appropriately titled, album ... executive produced by the legendary trio!!!

The stakes is high, as Trugoy would say.

Busta says the idea first came about while yachting with the production brass in Miami, and he figured he'd be missing the chance of a lifetime if he didn't slip some rap talk in the mix.

He says the project first started as an EP with the superproducers producing 2 tracks each but then spiraled into a full-blown album.

Coi Leray and BIA costar on the first pair of singles ... Busta agrees with the sentiment female artists are bringing more fans to rap lately, but says he sees artists as "MC 1st," regardless of gender.

While he gives BIA and Coi serious props as MCs and live performers ... he says he'll have a nice blend of men and women featuring on the final tracklist for "BlockBusta."

You can hear it in his voice, Busta's batteries are recharged, and he'll be releasing even more music rapidly. After "BlockBusta," he tells us he and his ace Spliff Star are dropping an album!!!

Before signing off to hit the stage, Busta gave big love to Beyonce, Drake and Lil Baby ... but is adamant Final Lap is the best tour of '23 -- hands down!!!

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