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Casanova Gets Sensual In New Chris Brown Featured "Coming Home"


We don't normally see the Bronx native Casanova expressing his emotions. Casanova is reminding the ladies to get back on their pedestal in this new single Coming Home. Adding his own soft R&B touch is Chris Brown on the vocals. This feature compliments a melody only Cool & Dre productions could create. Casanova says:

“You coming home and its relationship goals. You leaving your boys to race home to your girl. You’re coming home, you’re having fun, y’all f**king a lot and you just love being with your girl.”

Casanova is also taking the media by storm with bumping tracks off his latest release Free At Last. Taking the music to the streets in clips to the unofficial video, fans are loading up Instagram with their own version of Casanova's #SoBrooklynChallenge.

See if you have the bars for the #SoBrooklynChallenge and listen to the official audio to the single Coming Home below below.

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