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Celebrating 30 Years Of Helmet’s "Betty": A Limited-Edition Vinyl Reissue

Written By: Big C


Interscope Vinyl Collective (IVC) is set to release a special 30th-anniversary edition of Helmet’s iconic alt-metal album, Betty, on June 1. This milestone edition includes five additional tracks, featuring Flushings and Biscuits For Smut (Mutt Mix), all pressed on stunning gray vinyl by Third Man Records. The reissue showcases brand-new illustrations by Derek Hess and a heartfelt message from Helmet’s founder and lead guitarist, Page Hamilton. This release is a must-have for fans and collectors alike, celebrating the enduring legacy of an album that continues to resonate decades later. Page Hamilton reminisces:

After recording our first two albums, Strap it On and Meantime, with Wharton Tiers in his downtown NYC basement studio, Fun City, we decided to try something different. It was a bit daunting to leave the comfort of Wharton’s place but we ended up 30 years later with an album Betty we still dig. All of the songs are still performed live (fall tour in the works). I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Produced by Helmet and T-Ray, with the exception of Milquetoast produced by Butch Vig, Betty originally released on June 21, 1994, has earned a revered spot in alt-metal history. Rolling Stone praised it as “one of Helmet’s most beloved albums, as well as a landmark of mid-Nineties metal,” highlighting tracks like Wilma’s Rainbow and “Milquetoast.” As fans anticipate this special release, upcoming events include a fall tour where Helmet will perform songs from Betty live. Don’t miss out—sign up for the IVC email list and be among the first to access this limited edition release, restricted to 3,000 copies.

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