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Chaz Cardigan Feels Senseless In "Everything's Wrong"

Photo Credit: Matt Blum

We constantly are being tested by factors out of our control. Time after time again, these moments of uncertainty and stress can cause a dampening effect to our spirits. Chaz Cardigan is an alternative artist whose inspiration comes from the bitter sweet perspective of his own fallacies. In the latest single Everything's Wrong, Chad speaks about how life's malfunctions keep him sane. Chad says:

‘Everything’s Wrong’ is about not letting a breakdown keep you broken down. There’s liberation in feeling low because things can only get better. On ‘Not OK!’ and ‘S.O.S.’ I’ve been talking about repeating cycles and wanting to break them. ‘Everything’s Wrong’ is what it feels like for a cycle to actually break – to say ‘okay, on to the next thing!’ It’s me saying, ‘I accept the chaos, I accept that everything is always changing. I’m going to ride the dragon and change with everything around me.

Chaz musical understanding has a way of looming into the production. However, this track features the likes of co-writer Julian Dente and co-produced by Simon Oscroft. Be on the lookout be cause rumor has it Chaz has a project on the way. Until then become a fans and listen to the brand new official audio below.

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