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Chris Millz Links With Madison Jay For The Brand New Single "No Matter What" (Prod. Loso Corleone)

Written By: Big C


North Carolina is going to be another capital of Hip Hop in the near future. Since the early 2010's, North Carolina has been bubbling with a bevy of diverse talent. In the city of Raleigh, Chris Millz and Madison Jay are artists who are from an era and have the uncanny ability to adapt and remain relevant in today's climate of music. Mr. Milly reached out to his fellow Raleighite Madison Jay for the powerful brand new single No Matter What. The visual is captured in great form by another Carolina staple Northside The Director formerly known as Rocky Northside. Both vets deliver poignant verses over a well constructed Loso Corleone sample. Stay tuned for more and check out the official video below.

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