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"Clan Virus 2" Is On The Way & BlueBucksClan DJ & Jeeezy Drop Off "Horace Grant"

Photo Credit: Louie Knows

When you think of a LA duo, BlueBucksClan has captured a liking to ratchet music in there area. Now you may say what makes ratchet a genera? Well DJ and Jeeezy have figured out their brash lyrics and raunchy appetites makes the money come in and the women get badder. Produce by Tevo Laron, Horace Grant is the sounds coming out the west coast rapidly changing pace. Using their nonchalant nature, the chemistry between the two is shaping to be a dynamic duo building attention on these blogs. Rumor has it, Clan Virus 2 is on the way. Until then ball out with the members and watch the official video below.

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