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#ComingUp: Understand 2wIIn Kingz Upcoming Album "It's Funny How Life Is"

Written By: Big C


2wIIn Kingz is gearing up for the next leg in their musical journey. On March 13th get ready for the emotionally developed 18 track project entitled It's Funny How Life Is. From the streets of Brooklyn, this duo uses uncommon title selection to engage each listener into a deeper connection of story telling with each track. Catch nobleman Richie Evans delivering a hard hitting featured verse after amounting over millions of streams with the single Can't Knock The Hustle with Rick Ross and Vedo, You'll also find the likes of collaborators Zoe Lenn and Mr. Skyyhigh artistry woven into the brand new body of work. The twins had to say about their latest masterpiece:

We got tired of people saying recent hip hop/rap is boring. The lack of creativity is due to artist being told to follow what’s hot or what the people are buying and we just choose to be ourselves. We all are living in this system and deal with all the same stresses as everyone else. We are here to not only show you that we are dealing with the same bullshit but to show you that, how we navigate through shit and keep going forward is through humor.

Expected an array of humor and enlightenment breaded from Lineup Room Recording Studio. Each record was engineered and mastered by long time associate Dave O alongside Friday Beatz on the production. Get familiar with the Kingz in the official video for But Choose featuring Tre Isaacs below. Stay connected to the 2wIIn Kingz by following them on Instagram, Apple Music, YouTube, X, TikTok, and Spotify.

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