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#ComingUp: Why Did The 2wIIn Kingz Turndown 3 Record Deals?

Written By: Big C


When you know your message is worth double the value, you don't accept anything less. As pillars from the vibrant heart of Flatbush, Brooklyn, 2wIIn Kingz set the stage for underground rap and hip hop. Coming off the release of their latest EP & Froze Summer, available here, the duo says it's time for people to toughen up. Linking up with Shock The Culture podcast, the twins define what it means to persevere through the changing environment of entertainment. Their message is for the kings, warriors, and priests to simply become good men, fathers, and leave a legendary legacy.

2wIIn Kingz sees each bar as a shot to change the narrative away from nepotism. The love for the culture has to be the driving force to inspire creativity and passion within our communities. Check out 2wIIn Kingz exclusive #BehindTheLens interview and also by following them on Instagram, Apple Music, YouTube, X, TikTok, and Spotify. Stream the entire interview with host Dom and Kirk below and don't miss an episode by subscribing today!

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