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Connor Bvrns Debuts New Track "Anthem" With Bonn

Photo Credit: Jan Philipzen

After coming off a recent tour in Canada and USA with artist Jauz, Connor Bvrns is a new comer to the music industry and plans to take over dance music. Teaming up with an amazing vocalist Bonn, together the collab bring fans a forward-thinking debut with a fittingly title Anthem. With the help of Astralwerk and Proximity the lyrical video was released a couple days ago.

Connor was born with Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD), a rare condition that affects his perception of sound. To compensate, he paid extremely close attention to his environment, the people around him, and the nuances of sound. Initially challenging, the adversity allowed him to process frequencies indistinguishable to most people. In addition, Connor has synesthesia and perfect pitch. These attributes combine to deliver a uniquely nuanced and personal soundscape. It’s with this refreshing approach that Connor sets himself apart within an industry saturated with talent.

The video takes place in a dessert where the landscape show the distance from self fulfillment. Take a look at the official video below and leave a comment.

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