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Craig David Says He Hasn't Had Sex In Years, Creativity Skyrocketing

Source: TMZ


Craig David's gone from getting it seven days a week to abstinence 365 days a year ... opening up about celibacy on "The TMZ Podcast" -- saying he's now on top of his game creatively.

Craig -- famous for writing the intimate anthem "7 Days" -- says he still is celibate ... adding he decided to do it because he wanted to "park" sex in favor of spirituality.

Then the bombshell ... Craig says he hasn't gone for a roll in the hay in more than two years -- a bit surprising since he wrote a song about making love pretty much every day of the week way back in the day.

Craig says the song was more aspiration than fact ... but, adds putting the kibosh on sex has shot his creativity through the roof -- reaching a peak during his hiatus.

It seems celibacy's paying off ... 'cause David's kicking off his "7 Days Commitment Tour" in Vegas at the Lovers & Friends festival Saturday -- his first live band tour in North America in almost 20 years.

The festival's got a star-studded lineup BTW ... Lil Wayne, Alicia Keys, Janet Jackson, Gwen Stefani, Ciara, Nelly Furtado, Nas, Ludacris and -- the man Craig's eager to see -- Usher.

Listen to Craig in the clip ... he's a giant Usher fan and tells a story about a chance encounter in France years ago.

Looks like Craig David's gonna have to wait even longer to get back on stage -- 'cause Lovers & Friends pulled the plug on its big festival less than 24 hours before doors opened.

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