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Darren Waller Bids Farewell To The NFL With Heartfelt New Track “Choose Wisely (Farewell)”

Written By: Big C


Former NFL star and Pro Bowl selection Darren Waller has unveiled his latest heartfelt single, Choose Wisely (Farewell). This emotionally charged track marks his official retirement from professional football. Featuring a rich blend of piano and horns, Waller offers a personal narrative that reflecting on his 8-year journey in the NFL, his battles with addiction, and his path to self-redemption. The song underscores Waller’s evolution as an artist and his ability to convey deep, personal experiences through music. Waller shared:

‘Choose Wisely (Farewell)’ encapsulates all the true feelings I have about my career. The record goes from battling the desire to please people and the downside of fame to celebrating all that I was able to accomplish in my football journey. Through this record, I’ve found peace in my decision to transition into the next chapter of my life and access every level of gratitude for the game that taught me so much.

His retirement announcement and the personal challenges he overcame, including a sobering incident last November, underscored the physical toll of his career. Collaborating with notable producers, Waller’s musical journey is a testament to his versatility and resilience. This summer, Waller is set to perform live at various venues, continuing his artistic journey. Let us know your thoughts on the official audio below and stream your own copy here. Be sure to connect with Darren Waller on INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, TIKTOK, and YOUTUBE.

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