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DeathbyRomy Heart Shatters In "Kiss Me Goodbye"

Photo Credit: Randy Tran

Romance can bring restoration and romance can also bring destruction. Dealing with a love going through the motions DeathbyRomy finds her emotional heart shattering into pieces in Kiss Me Goodbye. The Silas direction and production is able to capture the true essences of the darkened princess. In a day of the dead style wedding dress, DeathbyRomy explains to her lover she doesn't enjoy sharing her love. DeathbyRomy had to say:

’Kiss Me Goodbye’ was inspired by a few of my close friends' stories about their experiences with being the ‘other girl’—a place I’m sure many of us have been in. I chose to try and take the stronger, self-assured take at telling this story by reclaiming a sense of strength and power in saying goodbye. Rather than a ‘poor me’ situation, I thought it should be a triumphant anthem for not being willing to be second best.

DeathbyRomy is able to capture the pain of not being good enough. Released through Capitol Records, her latest EP Love u – to Death manages to continue gather a broader spectrum of fans. If you haven't already get connected with DeathbyRomy on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and YouTube. Watch the romance unfold in the brand new official video below.

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