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DeRay Davis Praises Kanye's Album, North's Raps, Downplays 'Jewish Bitch' Lyric

Source: TMZ


DeRay Davis is still reveling in the experience that was Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign's "Vultures" album listening party, and believes a real Ye comeback is imminent ... especially because his daughter's now on the mic!!!

We caught up with DeRay at LAX as he was just getting back from Miami, and he told us his experience wasn't like the rest of the internet's -- the comedian had an up-close look at Ye's controversial black KKK garb, which he thought was more of an "executioner's" outfit.

He also downplayed Ye's "I just f***ed a Jewish bitch" lyrics from the lead single "Vultures." Deray says critics shouldn't linger on that one line, because the rest of the tracks -- and the guest artist performances -- are banging.

He pits the album somewhere between "the old Kanye" with a bit of "808s and Heartbreak" sprinkled in between and praised the Kodak Black and Ty Dolla $ign's contributions ... but predicts North West will eventually be 10x the artist her dad is!!!

North is also an album guest alongside Lil Durk, Freddie Gibbs and Bump J and DeRay says her debut is only the beginning ... and advises fans to invest in her stock before she becomes the headlining act!!!

DeRay and Kanye have been tight from the start. He appeared on skits from Ye's first two classic albums -- he's the guy imitating fellow Chicago legend, the late Bernie Mac -- so, his "Vultures" support was gonna be automatic.

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