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Discover The Vibrant Fusion Of Cinematic Afrobeats In Olatuja's New Single "Royalty"

Written By: Big C


Look no further for a spiritual break through. Olatuja is composed of the dynamic collaboration between bassist/composer Michael Olatuja and vocalist Alicia Olatuja. With the help of Whirlwind Recordings they present their exhilarating new single, Royalty. This bop combines vibrant orchestral arrangements with grooving Afrobeats and blazing melodies, creating a uniquely immersive experience that celebrates self-empowerment and inspiration. Drawing from the rich heritage of West African music and melding it with gospel and jazz influences, "Royalty" offers a mesmerizing blend of Yoruba and English, delivering a message that resonates with audiences worldwide. Alicia says:

'Royalty' merges musical ideals to create a new sound: Cinematic Afrobeats. "It is an anthem of empowerment, celebration, dance, and remembering who you really are!

Olatuja's upcoming album, also titled Olatuja, is set to release on Friday, May 31. Fans can anticipate a musical journey that seamlessly blends diverse influences and experiences. The album features an array of talented musicians, including drummers Obed Calvaire and Joshua Keitt, guitarist Femi Temowo, and GRAMMY® Award-nominated pianist Christian Sands, among others. Through their collective artistry, Olatuja aims to inspire joy, trust, and honest communication, inviting audiences to join them on a transformative musical adventure. Listen to soul-stirring melodies below and pre-order their upcoming album here.

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