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Doja Cat Dazzles Audience At Coachella With Multiple Wardrobe Changes

Source: TMZ


Doja Cat turned into a chameleon at Coachella Sunday night, wearing a hodgepodge of different outfits that dazzled the crowd during her wild performance.

The rapper hit the stage at the 23rd annual festival in Indio, California to close out weekend 1 – while singing many of her popular tunes and constantly changing her racy wardrobe.

Check out these photos of Doja's various clothing choices throughout her set. First, she decked herself out in a baggie white coverall with a flowing blond wig.

At various times, she then put on tassels of long blond hair extensions covering most of her body, a fur bikini and boots, a yellow leotard with white tights and, finally, a white corset with matching briefs.

After each clothing swap, Doja pranced around the stage, gyrating and striking sexy poses, simulating intercourse with her dancers and even rolling in mud at one point.

21 Savage and A$AP Rocky also made cameo appearances onstage with Doja, helping her crank out a couple of tracks.

Meanwhile, Doja's set list was pretty kick-ass... it included such hits as "Acknowledge Me," "Shutcho," "Tia Tamera," "F*** the Girls," "OKLOSER" and "Wet Vagina."

What a way to end weekend 1! And, as an added bonus, Doja will be back next week for weekend 2 of Coachella!

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