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Don't Fall Behind While Drama Relax Goes "Ghost"

Photo Credit: Alex Figs

Drama Relax has figured out how to stay at the top of his game. Releasing music after music, if you can't keep up with Drama just know he is in the studio holding it down. With the help of Rule #1 and Geffen Records, his sound is beginning to separate from all competitors. In his latest visual Ghost, Drama takes us to the rooftop of his city and spits translucent lyrics. Drama says:

Being away from the people who matter the most to me during quarantine has made me realize how close I need to keep my loved ones and how I need to remove any negative energy that might be around me.

Drama recruits visual director Francis who captures the skyline of New York in rhythmic motion. Coming off the record Potency, the subtle vocals build value for the Long Island bereded artist. Stay transparent and follow Drama on INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, and FACEBOOK. Watch the official video below and get your own copy here.

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