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Don't Stop "Chasing Stars" Says Matteo Bocelli

Written By: Big C

Photo Credit: Riccardo Nacchi

In a heartfelt ode from his father, Matteo Bocelli is focused on being the best version of himself. Written by Ed Sheeran and his brother Matthew Sheeran, the sweeping ballad Chasing Stars goes on to tell a story about a father encouraging his son to “be who you are.” Showcasing Matteo’s upper register, the strings played by muses and orchestra swells of the PARISI production, gently match the Gaetano Morbioli smooth directed waves of the beautiful Jamaica Beach on Lake Garda in Itatly. Matteo share:

Like the Sheeran brothers, I grew up in a family where music was very appreciated, Ed and Matthew wrote the song, but it seems like they wrote it for me. I really feel privileged to be the first to record it.

“Chasing Stars" is from the self entitled debut album as a 25-year-old singer/songwriter available for pre-order here. Matteo has been instilled with a lifelong musical education and an endlessly curious nature, which are on full display in the album Matteo, a bold step into his own spotlight. Set for September 22 release by Capitol Records, the 12-track album also displays all the facets of his artistry with a mix of songs in English and Italian. Keep up with Matteo by following him on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, Watch the official video below.

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