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Drake Hops On Toronto TikToker Snow4y's Musical Parody 'Wah Gwan Delilah'

Source: TMZ


Kendrick Lamar may not want Drake to sell him any accents but Toronto-based social media personality Snow4y is happily taking it to the bank for his music debut!!!

Drake recently surfaced singing in Jamaica patois on a track titled "Wah Gwan Delilah" … and to the outside world, not in on the joke, it appeared Drake was floundering in the aftermath of his battle with Kendrick.

Drake packs on the slang heavy and paints a short story of himself hanging out at his fav L.A. spot, Delilah, before his homie ruins all the fun in a ski mask ... real silly stuff.

The memes were merciless … but the song is a parody of Plain White T’s iTunes-era classic song "Hey There Delilah" that reworks the lyrics to neatly frame Toronto slang.

It's right on brand for Snow4y, whose content revolves around Toronto culture, and a sound move for Drake to appease his home base.

That’s exactly how Kendrick won over the masses by keeping it West Coast on his smash hit “Not Like Us.”

Canadian rap journalist Ricky Dred recently outlined the social climate on "It's All Happening with Justin Hunte" and assured the song wasn't meant to be taken seriously but was still a win for the Canucks.

The show must go on, crodie. For everyone who said they like Drake for the melodies and not acting tough, here you go!!!

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