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Drake Trolls Kendrick Lamar Manager Over Late Diss Track Response

Source: TMZ


Drake has turned his scope away from Metro Boomin and Rick Ross, and returned it to the main event ... Kendrick Lamar!!!

In his latest IG post, Drake somehow dug up a photo of Kendrick's manager Anthony Saleh poppin' tags shopping at one of the rap megastar's OVO stores.

It's unclear when Saleh was loading up on the golden owl gear, but Drake pushed the issue on Kendrick's response with his caption -- "Are we getting in our bag or nah??"

Drake also posted an up close and personal Saleh selfie littered with turtle emojis where he asked, "Wonder if today is the day" ... indicating Kendrick and camp have been moving too slow for his taste.

Drake's "Push Ups (Drop & Give Me Fifty)" diss has been getting positive reviews across the internet and on the demo version, he openly dared Kendrick to release the vent track he's supposedly been letting collect dust for 4 years.

Saleh may be busy at the moment -- his other clients Nas and Future are in the middle of album runs, and Kendrick AI tracks are clogging up the conversations daily.

Nonetheless ... Kendrick's West Coast peeps are confident he'll prevail in the end. 👀

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