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Druski & Rubi Rose Say Relationship 100% Real, Bonded On Trip To DR

Source: TMZ


Druski's crushing the dreams of many men by going public with his romance with Rubi Rose, and doing so with a serious tongue kiss -- and while some think it's giving skit, we're hearing it's the real deal.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ Hip Hop ... Druski and Rubi are still in the budding stages of their new romance ... and they're taking things slow, but all the stars seem to be in alignment!!!

They recently hit it off during a trip to the Dominican Republic for a mutual friend's birthday, realized they had a bond and wanted to take their relationship to the next level.

We're told things escalated in the past few days ... they solidified the deal with a low-key date weekend for the F1 World Championship.

Rubi has guys spending thousands on her OnlyFans ... a big catch for Druski but he's racked up over 30 million views for his reality show "Coulda Been House" ... so you could say the same for her!!!

Remember, we released the footage of Birdman pressing Druski over alleged copyright infringement ... and the end game recently played out on YouTube.

Maybe Rubi will make an appearance too? 👀

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