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EDEN Recalls His Past In "ISOHEL"


no future will be released on Feburary 14. Expect a collection of song of EDEN loosing sight of a horrible past and the journey towards vocal, mental, and spiritually escape. His latest song ISOHEL is filled with an emotional rollercoaster detailing a past one can relate to. EDEN explains:

Isohel’s are lines on a weather map that connect all the areas that receive equal sunlight. Light and sunlight have been an odd obsession for me since I was a teenager; I’ve always felt like I was moving toward some unreachable horizon. The song ‘isohel’ is about wishing the best for the people you’ve left behind but knowing that you’re probably better off where you are now.

EDEN also announced he is heading on a tour to bring fans an ultimate complete album. Having worked with different atmosphere, lighting, set design, clothing, instrumentation, cameras, and more; we can expect a newer advantage to EDEN vision. Download your copy of the song here and purchase your tickets here. Until the album is out watch the official video below.

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