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Elhae and Rick Ross Push Genre Boundaries on "Fun Fact"

Photo Credit:Siwoo Lee

Since the release of his acclaimed 2016 album, All Have Fallen, Elhae continues to reach new musical heights. Now, in a collaboration with Mowtown label-mate, Rick Ross, the singer-songwriter released his newest single, Fun Fact. Elhae’s smooth vocals and enthralling basslines show his talent for bending genre conventions. Even Mowtown’s president, Ethiopia Habtemariam, applauds Elhae’s success. She says:

Elhae is such an incredibly dope artist. We are thrilled to have him at Motown. It’s his time.

Fun Fact represents an exciting first page for the next chapter of Elhae’s career. Now, the only question is how the singer-songwriter will surprise us next. Fans of Elhae and Rick Ross can stream the track down below. Connect with Elhae on Instagram, and Twitter.

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