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Eminem Still Clinging To BlackBerry Despite 2022 Network Shutdown

Written By: Big C


Eminem posts to social media on rare occasions and there now appears to be a clear-cut explanation ... Slim Shady still uses his freakin' BlackBerry!!!

On Thursday, DJ Whoo Kid posted a flick of him, Em and D12's Mr. Porter inside an L.A. dressing room, exposing Em's favoritism towards the outdated tech in the process.

The rap G.O.A.T. was also rocking a shirt with Too Short's classic "Short Dog's in the House" album ... ever the avid hip hop head!!!

The 3 amigos were slyly promoting Em's "Mom's Spaghetti" after a viral negative review knocked the restaurant, with the Shade 45 host joking like he swindled Em's last box of pasta.

Earlier this week, a food critic named Mr. Chimetime declared "Mom's Spaghetti" as the worst dish he's ever had because it tasted stale ... which is the exact basis of the restaurant's existence -- to recreate the satisfaction of a leftover, microwaved meal after a Midwestern hard day's work.

We're not sure how well he's maneuvering on his company's website though ... BlackBerry shut down its network in January 2022 -- it has super limited functionality!!!

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