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Flo Rida Concert Goes Viral Thanks To Crowd-Surfing Baby

Source: TMZ


Flo Rida fans apparently come in all ages -- just ask the baby who joined the superstar rapper onstage after crowd-surfing through the audience!!!

The wild scene happened during Flo's performance at the CelebrateErieFest on August 19 ... the baby was passed through the crowd, eventually making it to Flo's arms. At one point, Flo put the mic up the infant's mouth for them to sing along with the rowdy crowd.

Somehow, the child even found his way onto the main stage, where they were hoisted up in the air -- "Lion King" style -- while Flo jammed his hit "GDFR."

Flo recently scored a huge $80M payday and the last time we spoke to him, he said the bottomless revenue will allow him to still do shows at his own leisure.

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