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Flossy Records Brings A New Track From JIJ Called "Vibes" Feat. HuFlo$$y (Prod. Paul Robinson)


You probably never heard of Flossy Records before, however Hindsight is now available here. Originated in New York City, members JIJ, HuFlo$$y team up to deliver a brand new single entitled Vibes. Shoot during a late night, JIJ spits lyrics about dealing with his culture shock of a past and not letting it detain him from reaching his highest quality of dreams. Complimenting on the record is mellow chorus and verse from HuFl9$$y about owing your own and vibing out until the sunrise. The producer Paul Robinson uses muffled waves sounds along side a melodic rhythm. Be sure to stay connect with Flossy Records on Facebook, Instagram, TikToc, and YouTube. Also take a look into the official video below.

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