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Former NFL Star Darren Waller Drops Inspirational EP "Mind Games: It's All In Your Head"

Written By: Big C


Atlanta native Darren Waller, renowned former NFL player and 2020 Pro Bowl selection, has transitioned his life from football to music with the release of his new 2-song EP, Mind Games: It’s All in Your Head. This EP showcases Darren’s evolving talents as he reflects on significant life decisions and the mental hurdles he's faced. The track Mind Games delves into the struggles of overthinking, while All In Your Head” motivates listeners to prioritize living authentically and joyfully. Darren shared insights on his creative process, stating:

I've developed a great chemistry with producer JRod over the first half of 2024, and this record [Mind Games] might be our most captivating yet. The idea for the song came to us while we were recording one night at my house in Vegas. We wanted to create something that everyone could vibe to — the Mind Games that go on with the opposite sex while trying to maintain focus with everything going on in the world around them. We wanted to capture that feeling while still making some fly shit. While 'All In Your Head' is about me always being an overthinker, which has both helped and hurt me in my life. I wrote this song to remind myself that when I spend too much time in my head, I can miss out on the beauty in my life right in front of me. It serves as a reminder to myself and everyone listening to relax, trust themselves, and not believe the lies that their mind tries to tell them.

Produced by JRod, “Mind Games” and “All In Your Head” feature a blend of introspective lyrics and infectious beats, capturing the emotional and mental challenges Darren has navigated. Darren Waller’s journey from a successful NFL career to a burgeoning music career is marked by personal redemption and a commitment to inspire others. Overcoming substance abuse and suspensions early in his NFL career, he returned to achieve incredible success and now leads the Darren Waller Foundation, supporting sober living opportunities in Las Vegas. His music reflects his resilience and dedication to living authentically and helping others do the same. Listen to Darren Waller’s new EP below and connect with him on social media: INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, TIKTOK, and YOUTUBE.

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