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Freya Ridings Is Back With A New Anthem "Love Is Fire"


Freya Ridings will be a female vocalist to lookout for in the up coming years. As critics rave for Adele to move over, Freya follows up her last single Lost Without You with new stunning vocals. From being nominated for best female soloist, Love On Fire is about to be the a song to heat up the spring. Freya says:

We open the live set with this song and have done for five years. Every time I hear that guitar, I feel adrenaline in my system, my heart going, and I know I’m ready to play. Once I started playing live shows, I understood that you want a show that feels like a journey. Having the opportunity to write with that in mind but also stay true to how I’m feeling at the moment has been an interesting cocktail of emotions

The Love On Fire video shows a combination of thrilling stage presence, behind the scene team meeting, and Freya enjoying the passion of her musical talents. Take a look at the official video below.

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