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Fridayy Gladly Pays Dinner Tab With Jay-Z & DJ Khaled

Source: TMZ


Fridayy is one of the hottest new artists around -- having rubbed shoulders with DJ Khaled, Jay-Z, and Rick Ross at last year's Grammy's, and let him tell it, he'll gladly pay to be in their company!!!

We linked up with the "God Did" crooner outside "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" and quizzed him on one of those fancy dinners the internet is obsessed with -- which Fridayy's experienced IRL.

When it comes time to pay the check, Fridayy tells us he has no problem footing the bill .. an interesting tidbit considering Jay's an entire billionaire!!!

Jay advised fans to take the hypothetical "$500k" over a dinner convo with him but we're sure money ain't a thang for Fridayy these days.

He's prewarning us that his new music will be the hottest thing moving in 2024 ... perhaps hot enough for those to grab the tab one time!!!

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