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Get Lost In Her "Hazel" Eyes With Stewart Arp

Written By: Big C


We argue and make the good times slowly slip away more and more. Stewart Arp has an unprecedented way of conveying music! His experience being raised by the countryside has developed a knack for uncanning innuendos, which lead to unfamiliar yet relatable story telling. In his latest visual for Hazel, Stewart is challenged with the remembrance of the good and bad times with his counterpart. With the help of producer Joshua Northwood, the guitar weaves in and out the backdrop as the vocals echo a distraught heart. Director Philip Goode is able to capture the annoying car rides, or the endless fights of "whats for dinner". These moments build and build until the good times become simple a memory. Take a look at the official video below. Also be sure to follow Stewart on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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