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Get Swept Up In Evan Giia’s “Tiny Life” With A Duskus Remix

Written By: Jacob Wisda

Photo Credit: Drew Escriva

Evan Giia knows how it feels to lose yourself in confusion and nostalgia. But on the Duskus remix of her newest single, Tiny Life, she reminds listeners to wake up, get outside, and ride through life’s troubles. Whereas the original track alternated between moments of eerie build-up and blissful catharsis, Duskus’ remix is a feel-good anthem through and through. The new electronic pop mix perfectly complements the young musician’s original sound. As a trained opera singer, Giia’s voice both conveys her lyrics and sounds like an uplifting instrument in its own right.

The GRAMMY Museum’s Spotlight Saturday series will feature a performance of Tiny Life on November 28.Fans can view the performance, as well as an interview with Giia, on the GRAMMY Museum’s website. Check out the track visualizer down below. Listeners can also connect with Evan Giia on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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