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Go Get It & "Never Wishin Hope" With Ike Fresh Feat. Madison Jay

Written By: Big C


When you're steadily chasing the bag, unforeseen chaos fades away if you stick to the plan. Ike Fresh says he is Never Wishin Hope anymore. After two many scenarios of people beginning to fall short and lacking consistency, Fresh is tired of letting external factors reign control. Linking up with fellow top tier lyrical excursionist Madison Jay, this track is an insight to the glory which is about to come. The conceptual visual shot by premier Carolina director Woosy, finds Fresh waking up to cereal and a spliff from a sultry young lady only to be pulled over and detained later that day by a patrolling officer for undisclosed reasons. After stating his freedom and being released, Fresh goes to meet with Madison Jay at an already popping photoshoot. Keep up with Fresh on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Spotify and Apple Music. Watch the story unfold in the official video below.

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