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GRANDMASTER Unleashes Highly Anticipated Debut Album: A Journey Into Ritualistic Funk

Written By: Big C


Today marks a monumental moment for music aficionados as Austin's own prog/funk/rock ensemble, GRANDMASTER, unveils their much-awaited self-titled debut album. Combining lush harmonies with analog synths, disco beats, and soulful vocals, GRANDMASTER delivers a sonic experience unlike any other. Drawing inspiration from an ancient composer of immortal proportions, GRANDMASTER's 11-piece collective, known as The Grandmaster's "Zealots," embarks on a musical odyssey that transcends time and space. Produced and mixed by the esteemed Nolan Potter, the album features an eclectic blend of tracks ranging from the goblet-sloshing groove of Castle Door to the cosmic exploration of Eternal Cycle.

Led by co-founders Nick Leon, Blaise Eldred, and Connor Mizell, GRANDMASTER conjures an ethereal sonic signature reminiscent of musical legends like Earth, Wind & Fire and Parliament Funkadelic. With accolades pouring in from American Songwriter Magazine and KUTX's Song of the Day, GRANDMASTER has swiftly amassed a legion of devoted fans, culminating in a SOLD OUT album release show at The Paramount Theatre in Austin, TX. Join the ranks of the Zealots and embark on a musical journey unlike any other by following them on INSTAGRAM and YOUTUBE . Dive into the immersive world of ritualistic funk by streaming or purchasing the album here.

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