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Havoc Of Mobb Deep Endorses 'Wire' Actors For Biopic, No "Better Pair'

Source: TMZ


Tray Chaney and JD Williams, former stars of the acclaimed TV show "The Wire," are actively campaigning to portray legendary rap group Mobb Deep in a biopic, and they're in luck ... Havoc is a big fan of their resumés!!!

On Friday, Chaney celebrated his reunion with Williams on a new episode of 50 Cent's "BMF" series, and put himself starring as Havoc and JD as the late Prodigy on his next vision board.

Havoc tells TMZ Hip Hop, "I couldn't find a better pair of iconic actors, to portray and capture the legacy of Mobb Deep!!!"

Well, there you have it.

The two famously starred as Poot and Bodie on the HBO crime series, and the surviving Mobb Deep member loves their on-screen chemistry so much, he can see them tackling the rap duo's life on screen.

Prodigy passed away in 2017 and Hav has been upholding the group's legacy ... the Queensbridge duo released several critically acclaimed platinum and gold albums and their "Shook Ones Pt. II" hit has been hailed by countless authorities as one of the greatest rap tracks.

Adding a motion picture about the group's life would be icing on the cake, and as fate would have it, MD's former collaborator 50 Cent just opened up a massive Louisiana studio ripe for shooting content!!!

Hav and P released their 2006 album "Blood Money" on 50's G-Unit Records ... let's make it happen, dunns!!!

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