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Hope You Have The Fix For DeathbyRomy Latest Single "Problems"


Originated in L.A., DeathbyRomy has been growing up within the music industry and hasn't stop yet. Having been a fan of The Beatles, Björk, Kanye West and more; her style comes from a socially accepted place. DeathbyRomy shares her life experiences with fans through her upcoming EP Love u – to Death. Paper Magazine describes her as:

Sonically, [DeathbyRomy] feels like a lovechild of Lana Del Rey and Zola Jesus: she borrows the cinematic expanse of Lana, the minimal nihilism of Zola, and the unrelenting sense of romance from both artists. But her voice, a full-bodied raspy howl that sounds full of life experience, is distinctly her own.

After the 2018 release of Monsters, DeathbyRomy has been on a quest to blending the drama of dark-pop with the boldness of hip-hop and raw passion of rock & roll. Now she release a playful track called Problem. DeathbyRomy says:

I wrote problems while I was thinking about how as a teenager, I feel like all my problems are so monumental at times when in reality they really aren’t. I think most people my age and just about anyone really can relate to that sense of importance over one small issue. The EP’s definitely a roller coaster of some very intense emotions, but there’s a confidence that’s unmatched compared to anything I’ve done before. I’ve stepped into what I believe my purpose as an artist is, and I hope that when people listen they feel a similar confidence for themselves.

DeathbyRomy is set to stand out this year and create a magnetic effect with new fans. With producers like Doctor Rosen Rosen (Lily Allen, Meg Myers), the EP expands her sound with heavier guitars, harder beats, and more grandiose arrangements. watch the official visualization for the single below. Also October 25 the EP drop, so get pre order your copy today here!

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