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Ice Cube To Hell With WS Connection!!! WC Still Has Hope 🤞🏾

Source: TMZ


Ice Cube said what he said -- his once dominating Westside Connection rap group is a done deal, all because of his irreconcilable differences with Mack 10.

We caught both Cube and WC on Tuesday outside of Dash Radio for the "Dub C & CJ Mac Show" ... and Cube tells us he had no regrets about publicly deading Westside Connection earlier this week, and effectively shut down the peace talks for the group for good!!!

Cube says not even the outpouring of fans calling for a reunion can bring them back together and quite frankly, couldn't give a damn what they think regardless. 😩

On the flip side, WC tells us he still has big love for Mack 10 and wishes things could've ended differently.

WC doesn't believe the group's legacy will be affected -- he says they all still perform the group's hits -- but he will continue to be Cube's road dawg, as he did before the group formed in 1995.

The 3-man supergroup had a helluva run ... releasing the platinum-selling “Bow Down” album in '96 and delivering high-profile performances throughout the years such as Dr. Dre's Up In Smoke Tour and "Saturday Night Live."

hings, however, ended on a bloody note in the mid-00s after Mack 10 and Cube’s road manager/brother-in-law came to blows despite Mack claiming he warned Cube things were becoming volcanic.

Mack 10 recently shared his side of the story … revealing he hasn't spoken to Cube going close to 20 years, and he didn't exactly share WC's version of "love" either.Breakups happen to the best of 'em!!!

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