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Keri Hilson Gushes About Tyler, The Creator, 'He's So Fine'

Source: TMZ


Tyler, The Creator's been turnin' Keri Hilson all the way on -- and she's not afraid to let the world know!!!

The R&B star randomly gushed Thursday morning over how beautiful she thinks Mr. Odd Future is. Her early morning tweet on the subject raised eyebrows, and got folks wondering exactly how she was burning her midnight oil.

Tyler has yet to hit Keri back, publicly at least -- fans know he has tons of songs about being a shy lover so maybe he's carefully calculating his response.

Hopefully, his response will be more "WusYaName" than "She" though!!!

A new era of dating may be upon us. Earlier this week, Chloe Bailey expressed interest in Michael B. Jordan as her "celebrity crush."

Chloe might wanna follow Keri's lead when it comes to this stuff ... just take aim and shoot your shot!!!

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